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Fountain Hill's Haunted History

Incorporated in 1893, the borough of Fountain Hill is rich in history. In Colonial times, the land was owned by the Moravians, whose influence can still be seen in structures such as the Cornelius Weygandt house, built in 1755. Fountain Hill was later the home of Dr. Francis Henry Oppelt's Hydropathic Institute, which operated until 1871, and was also the birthplace of iconic American author Stephen Vincent Benet. 
Fountain Hill, however, also has a haunted history.

One strange series of hauntings took place in 1901, involving a tall white figure of a man, a ghostly woman, and a phantom dog. The following appeared in the January 17, 1901 edition of the Allentown Leader:

Fountain Hill folks are in the throes of excitement and fear on account of the stalking about night and day of an alleged ghost. The spectre has caused several frights to both adults and children and has proven its fearlessness by accompanying a young man for several blocks to his home.

The other day a child, in de…

News reporters flee in terror after seeing caterpillar!

The following appeared in the August 20, 1936 edition of the Uniontown Evening Standard and describes how the staff reacted after someone brought in a specimen of a strange caterpillar. By its description, it sounds like the critter in question was a hickory horned devil caterpillar, also known as the royal walnut moth caterpillar.